RMA Shipping & Item Inspection

All shipping and packaging instructions are located on the RMA return form. All returns must be sent back with a copy of the RMA return form or the RMA number otherwise they will be rejected.

When returning a product GardnerBender does NOT pay for return shipping. The customer pays for shipping the unit to GardnerBender does not pay for the return shipping of the unit back to customer.

Return Exceptions:
This highly depends on the unit in question. Items like the Glo Fish (FTX-15GL) are hard to ship and may cost more than usual. Depending on the product we may request photos of the unit. If the pictures that you send give us sufficient information we may waive the need to send the broken unit back. If enough evidence is gathered, we may deem it appropriate to just send a replacement.

Smaller items like our analog or digital multi meters are a different story. They are smaller and are less expensive to ship back to us.

Return process explanation:
When you return a product to us for a warranty replacement we don’t just throw the unit in the garbage and dispose of it. Depending on the product we may inspect everything ranging from end user issues all the way back to engineering design. Quality is key.

For more information on the GardnerBender warranty and return process please follow the link HERE!


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