Is the actual housing tube available for the BHT-520?

Although there are some repair parts available for the BHT-520 hot tube bender, the actual tube housing itself is not available as a replacement part.


I have one of your CO2 conduit fishing systems and I need some replacement parts. Do you have a parts breakdown for these kits?

There is no specific parts breakdown for the various C02 systems. There is an instruction sheet for using the CO2 systems, and all the parts included with the various kits are listed individually in the Conduit Fishing section in the catalog. These all can be purchased as individual accessories.

I need a part for my CP10K but it says it’s only available in a kit. Can I purchase this part separately?

Repair parts for the CP10K only come in kits. If they need a specific part in a kit, they will be required to purchase the entire kit, we will not break down the kits. The reason for this is we evaluated the replacement parts, and some parts we get as full assemblies, and some parts if you are replacing a specific part, odds are the other parts around this one are going to possibly be worn and damaged as well.