Bending shoe has cracked. Can it be welded to repair it?

Due to the amount of pressure caused by bending conduit, if a customer calls asking if they can weld a crack in a bending shoe the answer is NO. The weld may not penetrate the entire crack down into the inside of the shoe casting and it could end up like a hairline crack in a windshield. It is highly recommended to replace the shoe to prevent damage to the bender or end user.

Do we offer benders for PVC coated rigid conduit?

Yes we do! We offer the following benders that will work with PVC coated rigid:

B2000 – ½” – 1 ½”

B2555 with BPVC-52 shoe group – ½”-2”

BW30 – ½”- 1 ½”

BW27 – 1” – 1 ½”

BW201 – 1 ½’

BW221 – ½” – 1 ½”

B2000 Circuit Board Error Codes.

A troubleshooting aid exists on the printed circuit board
mounted to the inside of the operating handle. A white L.E.D.
will flash once every two seconds after power up. The L.E.D.
indicates all systems functional. See the Figure below.
Error codes consist of different light patterns.

1. Blink twice, pause, blink twice = the motor is over heated.

2. Blink 3 times, short pause, blink three times, long pause =
limit switch has failed.

3. Blinks 4 times, short pause, blinks four times, long pause =
pendant control malfunction.

In addition the L.E.D. will be steady on if the bend or return
button is being pressed.

CB B2000