What is the cable mount base used for?

This item is mainly used for securing wire bundles to a specific location. You could also use it to hang something depending on its weight compared to the type of cable tie and the cable ties weight limit.

A little information about the mounts adhesive:

Features & Characteristics:

  1. Adhesive: Rubber based adhesive coated on both sides
  2. Carrier: White PE Foam
  3. Liner: Kraft Paper Liner
  4. Bonding Security
  5. Flexible and has a high elongation

Technical Data:

  1. Thickness: 0.8 ± 0.05mm
  2. Tack: ≥ #12 Steel Ball
  3. Peal Adhesion (N/25mm): ≥ 12
  4. Shear Strength: Over 72 hours with 2.0kgs loading stainless steel plate sandwich on 25mm * 25mm at 23˚C (73.4˚F)
  5. Normal tensile strength (N/25mm): ≥ 20
  6. Service temperature: -5˚C – 60˚C (23˚F – 140˚F)


  1. General purpose of industrial applications of mounting, fastening, and joining.
  2. Used for bonding, sealing, mounting hook on surfaces of wood, glass, metal, and other materials.
  3. Can be in sheet or die cut shapes.


All information and recommendations are given by us in good faith, based on practical experience, but without warranty. It is essential that the user evaluates the product for a period of time to determine whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s method of application.

What are disconnects and how should I use them?

Disconnects are used to connect 2 connections together. You would use a female disconnect where ever you had a male disconnect connection or a quick connection on the back of a switch. The same goes for male disconnects, you would want to use it whenever you had a female disconnect connection. It is recommended that you crimp or solder a connection for long term purposes due to oxidation and moisture.

Do you have a tester that can trace romex cable like a wire tracer?

There are a few different tools that we offer for tracing wire/cable in the home or for commercial applications. Regardless of the type of cable all of our units are capable of tracing cable. Each unit has what is called a “tone generator” or a transmitter that sends a tone over the cable that can be picked up by the receiver or “wand”. Below are some of the tools we have that cover this, all of which can be used in either commercial or at home applications.

GB Line:
GET-4220K Lan Tracker

Sperry Line:
ET64220 Lan Tracker
ET65220 ToneProbe

Heat Shrink

Heat Shrink carries a compound that allows the material to shrink under temperature. Once it has shrunk all the way, you will notice that it is now tight and conforming to the connection or insulation. There are heat guns and torches that are made to shrink it down. Hot air or flame will work in a range of 250 to 460 degrees F.