WiFi Inspection Camera (WIC-100) Troubleshooting

If your phone is not displaying the video feed you can try these steps to resolve the issue:

1 – You’ll want to first shut down the application.

2 – Turn the WiFi Camera off and then back on. (Make sure that you feel the click and that the light goes all the way off)

3 – Check to make sure that your device has established a connection with the WiFi Camera.

4 – Re-open the application.

If the above steps failed to resolve the issue: Reset the WiFi Camera by holding the reset button down 5 seconds. Perform this action while the camera is turned on. The reset button can be found next to the power wheel. See below picture.



WiFi Inspection Camera (WIC-100) Battery Install

The battery door is located on the bottom of the handle. Using your thumb; push the door away from the housing towards the rubber grip. Once the battery door has been removed the battery cartridge will slide out. Install four double AA batteries into the cartridge and replace it back into the handle and install the door.