I purchased a CB21V seal-off and there is a small tapped hole in the bottom of the valve. Is there a screw missing?

No, there is no screw missing.

What you see at the bottom is the safety blow-off valve.  The seal-off is designed for a maximum pressure of 200PSI.  If the pressure in the system exceeds that, the valve will open and release additional pressure.

DO NOT under any circumstances close this hole.

The catalog says the B60 blower system should only be used for conduit sized larger than 2-1/2″ in diameter. Why can it be used on small conduit?

Because of the output of the blower system, use on 2″ and smaller conduit is not recommended.  Use in smaller conduit can lead to over-blow, line pile-up, pull line breakage, damage to the conduit, damage to the blower system or hose, or could injure the user.  Damage caused to a blower system used on conduit smaller than specified will void any available warranty for the unit.

Do we have replacement ends for Fish and Glow Stix?

We do not have any replacement ends or replacement rods available for the fish stix or glow stix for purchase. We do have a small supply of both the bullet nose and hook ends we can send out free of charge, but a limited supply.

Contact Technical Service at tech.support@gardnerbender.com to request replacement tips.