The MSTR-Torch, how do I add fuel?

Take the torch in one hand with the Gardner Bender logo facing towards you. You will notice a fine line right below the logo.


Put your other hand on that side of the torch and pull both sides apart. Once you have taken the casing apart you will find a small lighter inside.


You’ll notice that the lighter adjustment is facing a hole in front of the torch for easy adjustment. The case cannot be closed unless the lighter is put back in this same position.



Remove the lighter from the lower portion of the casing and turn it upside down. You will find a docking port for the lighter to be re-fueled. You will want to re-fuel the lighter in this position.


Put the lighter in your non-dominant hand and pick up the fuel container in your dominant hand. While holding the lighter upside down, insert the fuel containers fuel tip into the center of the refill valve of the lighter. Now press down with firm pressure and it will begin to fill the lighter. Don’t hold it down for too long, that will cause it to leak out. Instead you’ll want to use a pulsing motion as to not get sprayed with fluid.


These instructions to fuel the lighter are also on the Butane container.
This butane fueling bottle is like a whipped cream bottle, if you hold it up-right all you will get is the coolant and not the butane.

To watch a VIDEO about this, please click the link.

Please use extra caution when fueling!

Extremely flammable.
Contents under pressure.
Do not use near fire or flame.
Do not puncture or incinerate container.
Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120 degrees F.
Do not inhale contents.
Keep away from children.

Do not refuel in kitchen near sink or pilot light. Use only as directed, intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.

The torch or its fueling container may not be checked or carried on to a passenger aircraft. Do NOT touch the nozzle during use or before cooling.

ALWAYS be sure the unit is cool and the lighter is removed from the torch’s case before storing! Keep in a dry place away from children!


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