Can Liquid Tape be submerged under water?

Yes, liquid tape can be submerged under water after it has fully cured.

2 thoughts on “Can Liquid Tape be submerged under water?

  1. Will this product be suitable submerged in swimming pool applications? (The cable on a cleaner robot repair has already been professionally sealed via proper UL spec heatshrink connectors, tubing, epoxy, and tape and has been tested to be electrically sound. ) LiquidTape was used through-out the repair as well as a final coat. Is there a risk of the final coat deteriorating under common pool conditions, ie chlorine, UV, acid, etc.?

    Disclaimer: I do not condone nor recommend the average diy’r to repair ANYTHING electrical related to swimming pools without the proper knowledge, experience, equipment, safety protocols etc.
    Safety is paramount, and was/is observed during repair and during robot operation.

    Thank you

    • Yes it will work for that application. Since it will be submerged in water, make sure to apply extra coats of liquid tape for added protection. Wait at least 30 minutes to an hour for each coat to dry and then 24 hours for it to cure.

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